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Third Rock From The Sun

Over 7 billion people on this planet. Each person a different/unique collection of wants, needs, pain and pleasure. However, in many ways we are the same. We share a basket of dreams & desires, all in various proportions, but with a ton of overlap. Adventure, Belonging, Affection, Control, Nervous about new things, Health, Peace, Love and much more. Community plays a strong role and allows all our unique backgrounds to come together in a common focused belief. Maria Montessori created an incredible teaching method. The Montessori community is over 100 years old. We want to embrace all that makes Montessori great through jewelry, comfortable and stylish wearables, fun & funky items. SWAG. Items that allow you to embrace and show off your passion. We want to allow you to have opportunities to Wear and Share. The average person interacts (conversation or visually) with over 100 people a day. Imagine wearing a MontessoriSTYLE item and engaging one person a day about your Montessori passion? Our job is to create SWAG that you will love. Your job is to Wear and Share. Let's raise up our Montessori Community to the world. Let's go!

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