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Montessori Branding Spotlight

A Montessori education offers a unique experience for every student and prepares them for the future. Even though every school follows the wisdom of Maria Montessori each school has its own benefits, nuances and culture. Your school is part of the local community and should be celebrated. 

There are several ways to promote your individual Montessori school. One of the best ways to really show off is through the use of branded merchandise. School Spirit is celebrated at every school. Creating your own unique look can encourage school pride and help stimulate enrollment. 

What is your brand?

Schools are no different than any organization. By using a brand they can show who they are, what they represent and stay top of mind. 

Start with the basics. 

Choose a school color that fits with your students. Colors have been used for centuries to represent different things. Do you feel focused on finding your passion? Maybe try a cardinal red. Maybe loyalty or peace is more your focus and a soft blue would be perfect. Do you have a special focus on the environment? A bright spring green will make sure your message grows. 

Graphic: Don’t overthink the graphic! It should be simple and clear. Most schools focus on the name of the school and the town they are located in a clean font. This is a perfect place to be. If you want to make it a little more jazzy, consider adding a flower instead of the O or something that makes you stand out before or after the text. Make sure it is easy to read, especially for new readers!

Promotion: Now that you have a graphic and a signature color where do you showcase your school? This can be a tricky with technology and variety of options. 

Start with physical options. What kind of community events will get exposure? Is there a town festival or parade were your teachers or students could participate in? Is there a local venue like a movie theater or bowling alley where you can have a sponsored night? 

What potential community partners can you form a partnership? How about local pediatricians, OB/GYN or other types of places frequented by new parents. Can you offer support to local new parents groups? This can be a great way to put out your message in a positive, helpful way. When they are ready to look at schools to enroll their child they will definitely think of the one that supported them in the beginning.  

Just like the Montessori style focuses on the individual learner remember that when creating your brand and promoting it each school has its own individual message. Creative branding and promotion is a great way to showcase the individuality and promote positive learning in your community. 

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