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Halloween Safety

Halloween has become one of the biggest celebrated holidays for kids in the United States. From trunk or treats, haunted corn mazes to the traditional door to door there are so many ways for kids to collect treats and hopefully avoid any tricks. Top of mind for any parent this time of year is how do we keep our child safe during the holiday season. This is a great chance for Montissori schools to promote creativity while keeping safe practices top of mind. 

Pick the right costume: Superheros to princesses make sure that you choose a costume that fits well. This will make sure no trips or stumbles. There is nothing wrong with pairing a fantastic costume with a pair of comfortable sneakers! 

Keep line of sight: Sometimes masks or hoods can make it hard for the child to see. Consider using face paint instead of a mask to keep the spirit of the costume while keeping eyes open. 

Light up gear: There is nothing more fun than a glow stick! Keep one handy on strollers, wagons and add it to the costume to promote visibility in a fun way. Add light strands to your strollers or wagons to really make a festive look while making sure even the very front can be seen. 


Reflective Bags: While pulling out an old pillow case might ensure you have tons of room for candy it might not be the easiest product to carry. Choose a bag with sturdy handles to prevent breaks. Also, look for one with reflective striping to add an extra layer of visibility. 

Parent Safety: As parents and guardians don’t forget to keep your own safety out front too. Carry a lantern or flashlight and wear light colors or reflective gear to make sure you are visible and set a great example!


Kids without Candy: Many kids can’t for one reason or another take candy as a treat. Look for teal pumpkins for places that are giving out alternative options like pencils, rings or other gifts. 

Montessori Style promotes guidelines to allow children a safe space to play while understanding the limits. Let children know that these guidelines will keep them safe this season so they can have worry free fun. 

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