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3000 First Impressions

It is the season of giving! Montessorians do this all year long. However, the Holiday approach is an especially thoughtful and unique time of year. What if we thought of gifting that way too?

Holiday Gifting - MontessoriSTYLE

The Montessori approach to holidays is a stark contrast from typical American classrooms. Whereas sugar-fueled holiday parties precede winter break in many schools, Montessori classrooms are a peaceful refuge from the stress of the holiday season. 

Montessori Holidays prompt questions such as: "What do you do with your family during the holiday season?"  "What do you celebrate?" and "What do your traditions mean to you?"  This approach reinforces the belief that holidays are cultural and family events. The Montessori way is to encourage celebration in those settings. This style allows the children to learn about diverse cultures, faiths, and traditions. 

So, what does MontessoriSTYLE holiday gifting look like? Rather than indulging in consumerist trends, Montessorians gift giving is thoughtful and meaningful.

It is the season of giving, but with the approach of the new year, it is also a time of reflection. For this reason, journal notebooks and writing tools make perfect gifts. Encourage your gift recipients to reflect on the year and visualize the new one ahead. Or they can use their journal notebooks to take educational notes, keep a daily journal, organize thoughts, draw, sketch or however the choose to creatively fill the pages. 

Even better is our signature Casa de Bambini Journal honoring Maria Montessori. This Trademarked image of Maria Montessori Is debossed into a soft-to-the-touch cover. 4 beautiful journal color options with ribbon page marker and elastic band for closure. This notebook is eye-catching, portable, and durable - leaving impressions of Maria Montessori and her message wherever you go.

Our one of a kind MontessoriSTYLE pencils are a great gift for recipients of all ages. Did you know that a single branded writing instrument makes around 3000  impressions in its lifetime? Gift these to students, parents, teachers and staff to spread the Montessori joy. You'll also be gifting a tool of creative expression! 

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